| Briefcase Folding Plastic Table |

K-BQ0900SQ (Heavy Duty)

3ft Folding Table

(Rectangular Plastic Top)

W880 D880 H740mm

N.W : 9kg

Suitable for roadshow use.



K-BQ1262RF (Heavy Duty)

4ft Briefcase Folding Table with handle (Rectangular Plastic Top)

W1220 D610 H740mm

N.W : 10kg

Suitable for roadshow use.



K-BQ1874RF (Heavy Duty)

6ft Briefcase Folding Table with handle

 (Rectangular Plastic Top)

 W1840 D760 H740mm

N.W : 15kg

Suitable for roadshow use.



K-BQ-1260RT ( Heavy Duty)

4ft Rectangular Plastic Banquet Table

W1220 D610 H740mm

N.W: 9kg


K-BQ-1574RT ( Heavy Duty)

5ft Rectangular Plastic Table

W1520 D740 H740mm

N.W: 12kg



K-BQ-1874RT ( Heavy Duty)

6ft Rectangular Plastic Table

W1830 D760 H740mm




3 Kits Plastic Table Set

Table : L1040 W635 H730mm

Chair : W845  D205  H403mm


K-PFC Plastic Folding Chair

W475 D430 H865mm

material : HDPE

Col : Black / White

K-PFS300 Plastic Folding Stool

W300 D300 H450mm

G.W : 3kg

Material : HDPE /thickness :  18mm

Steel Tube : 19x 1.0mm

6pcs /Carton


Magazine Rack

W335 D210 x H765mm

Color : Wenge

Material : Solid Rubber Wood


TG600 Tempered Glass Rotating (Dia :600mm)

TG700 Tempered Glass Rotating (Dia : 700mm)

TG800 Tempered Glass Rotating (Dia : 800mm)

TG900 Tempered Glass Rotating (Dia: 900mm)





| Kid Sofa |

K-JS03 Mini Japanese Stool

W675 D 675 H525

Material : PU /Fabric


K-F56 Kid Sofa

W520 D480 H500mm

Material : PU / Fabric


K-S25 Kid Sofa

W500 D600 H825mm

Material : PU


K-S22 Mini Sofa

W675 D625 H525

Material : PU








Vintage Rattan Furniture in 60's

 (Made in Malaysia)

Cane Rocking Chair

Cane Relax Chair (三节躺椅)

Cane Baby High Chair (left)

Cane Relax chair (Right)

Cane Ah Pei  Chair (left)

Cane Shell Chair (right)


Cane Layer Rack

Cane coffee Table

Cane Rocking chair

Cane Rocking Horse


Cane Lovely Chair (母子椅)


Cane Hula Hoop

Small : 26" , Medium : 32", Large :36"

XL : 38"

Cane Swing 001

Cane Swing 002

Cane Newspaper Rack

Cane Stool 针车椅

H18" (Standard)

H28" ( custom made) 可订做


Cane Set 001


Cane Set 002


Cane Set 003




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